Chrome extension to block all users on a followers/following page.
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Twitter Block Chain

This browser extension helps users who are likely to be, or currently are being dog-piled. By navigating to a user's followers (or following) page and activating the plugin, you can block all users on that page.


Chrome users can install the extension here: Chrome Web Store

Firefox users can install the extension here: Mozilla Add-ons

Build Instructions

  • Building requires grunt and grunt-cli
  • Chrome: grunt build-chrome


I'm trying to use this as an unpacked extension and it isn't working?

Run bower install first to pull down the dependencies.

How do I activate the plugin?

Browse to a following/followers page on twitter and click the icon in the toolbar on Chrome. If it says you're not on a following/followers page, try refreshing first.

How do I stop the blocking?

Click the X in the top right corner of the blocking report to stop all blocking. Note that this will not unblock any users you have already blocked.

How do I figure out who I blocked, and who they were following/followed by?

Right click the extension icon in Chrome and click Options. You can view all blocks made on this page, including searching by username. Blocks are stored locally, and not synced to the cloud.

To Do / Possible Features

  • Output a JSON object of users from a page, to later feed into the extension.
  • Option to mute users instead of blocking them.