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What’s in in lein-tarsier?

This page will list all of the latest changes in lein-tarsier.


Bug fixes

  • Should now work with Leiningen 2.0.0


New features

  • Default VimClojure version is now 2.3.6

Bug fixes

  • Cleans up repl-port file on shutdown
  • Various fixes to work with latest Leiningen versions


New features

  • Now supports trampoline with Leiningen 2.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with leiningen.core.project/merge-profile introduced in recent Leiningen 2 preview releases (thanks to Jeremy Holland). Issue 4


New features

  • lein-tarsier’s REPL is now based on the REPL that ships with Leiningen. This means that it should now respect all of the same project and user/profile settings as lein repl. This also means that Leiningen 2.x users get REPL-y with their VimClojure.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem with console I/O when running the REPL. Issue 1

Known issues

  • The code for the REPL is for Leiningen 2 is based off of Leiningen 2.0.0-preview3. This means it does not support trampoline and may not work with the latest development snapshot.
  • A stack trace is sometimes emitted when exiting the REPL with Leiningen 2. It is innocuous.
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