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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
Copyright © 2010 Sattvik Software & Technology Resources, Ltd. Co.
All rights reserved.
sh-clojure may be used under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public
License (LGPL) or the Eclipse Public License (EPL). As a recipient of
sh-clojure, you may choose which license to receive the code under. See the
LICENSE file distributed with sh-clojure for details.
Written by Daniel Solano Gómez
<project name='sh-clojure' default='all'>
An imroved SyntaxHighlighter brush for Clojure.
<!-- load all properties from files and environment -->
<property environment='env'/>
<property file=''/>
<!-- project properties -->
<property name='' value='${}'/>
<property name='project.version' value='SNAPSHOT'/>
<property name='' value='${}-${project.version}'/>
<!-- source properties -->
<property name='src.dir' location='src'/>
<property name='src.brush.js' location='${src.dir}/shBrushClojure.js'/>
<!-- build properties -->
<property name='build.dir' location='build'/>
<property name='min.brush.js' location='${build.dir}/shBrushClojure.js'/>
<!-- distribution directory -->
<property name='dist.dir' location='dist'/>
<!-- distribution targets -->
<property name='' value='${}'/>
<property name='' location='${dist.dir}/${}.zip'/>
<property name='target.tgz' location='${dist.dir}/${}.tar.gz'/>
<!-- library directories and jars -->
<property name='lib.dir' location='lib'/>
<property name='yuicompressor.jar' location='${lib.dir}/yuicompressor.jar'/>
<!-- filesets -->
<fileset dir='${build.dir}' id='js.fileset'>
<include name='**/*.js'/>
<fileset dir='.' id='general.fileset'>
<include name='LICENSE'/>
<include name='README.markdown'/>
<filelist id='checksum.filelist'>
<file name='${}'/>
<file name='${target.tgz}'/>
<!-- main targets -->
<target name='all' depends='dist'
description='Default target—an alias for dist'/>
<target name='dist' depends='package,checksum'
description='Creates distribution files.'/>
<target name='clean'
description='Clean generated files.'>
<delete dir='${build.dir}'/>
<target name='distclean' depends='clean'
description='Cleans all generated files including distribution files.'>
<delete dir='${dist.dir}'/>
<!-- helper targets -->
<target name='init'>
<target name='compile' depends='minify'/>
<target name='minify' depends='compile.init'>
<java jar='${yuicompressor.jar}' fork='true'>
<arg value='-o'/>
<arg value='${min.brush.js}'/>
<arg value='${src.brush.js}'/>
<target name='compile.init' depends='init'>
<mkdir dir='${build.dir}'/>
<target name='package' depends=',package.tgz'/>
<target name='' depends='compile,dist.init'>
<zip destfile='${}'>
<zipfileset prefix='${}' refid='js.fileset'/>
<zipfileset prefix='${}' refid='general.fileset'/>
<target name='package.tgz' depends='compile,dist.init'>
<tar destfile='${target.tgz}' compression='gzip'>
<tarfileset prefix='${}' refid='js.fileset'/>
<tarfileset prefix='${}' refid='general.fileset'/>
<target name='dist.init' depends='init'>
<mkdir dir='${dist.dir}'/>
<target name='checksum' depends='package'>
<checksum todir='${dist.dir}'
fileext='.sha512' format='MD5SUM'>
<filelist refid='checksum.filelist'/>
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