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Introduction To ORMs For DBAs

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This is a talk I gave at SQL Saturday 710 that introduced DBAs to Object-Relational Mappers. This is an enhanced version of my lighting talk that you can find by reverting this repository to the SqlSaturdayLightingTalk tag. You can find a write-up of the talk in blog format here.

In the source folder you will find sub-folders for the various stages of the demo. The demo is creating a simple web application to track games friends are playing and figure out who has the best win/lose ratio. It is a ASP.NET MVC Core 2.0 application and should run anywhere you can install .NET Core. Also inculded is a docker compose file to stand up a SQL Server database.

If you have any construtive feedback, a question, or spotted a bug please let me know by opening an issue.


Thank you to Edmonton PASS for letting me speak at a SQL Saturday.