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SQL Saturday 840 presentation on the basics of creating a temporal database.
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Create a Time Travelling Database

A presentation I gave at SQL Saturday 840 about creating a temporal database. You can find the slides here and an outline of the talk here.

A lighting version of this talk can be found here. Finally more writting about temporal database can be found here.


You'll need SQL Server installed to run the demos in the example folder. If you have Docker installed there is a Docker Compose file to get you up and running quickly:

docker-compose up

You can then run the Schema.sql script to create the database. It has two temporal tables Customers and Addresses with triggers that enforce the temporal rules. The DemoQueries.sql has some example data and queries to play with.


If you have any questions, notice a bug, or have a suggestion/enhancment please let me know by opening a issue or pull request.


Thanks to Edmonton PASS and SQL Saturday for inviting me to speak.

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