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Gives RadiantCMS a simple CRUD interface for database tables
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Admin Data

This extension uses the admin_data plugin to provide a simple CRUD interface for your database tables.

You MUST add the admin_data plugin to your project from the following repository:


This should be located in vendor/plugins/admin_data. The saturnflyer fork reads the table names to discover the appropriate class names to load. The original plugin looks in app/models for the necessary classes, but Radiant loads models from several locations, so the simpler path is to expect that class names and table names do correspond.

If you have any models which correspond to tables that do not follow the Rails conventions, this extension will not work for you.

Run the rake task:


Set Radiant::Config = 'true' if you would like to have a tab to click in the Radiant interface for admin users.

Built by Saturn Flyer Thanks go to Neeraj Singh for his plugin!

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