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+This provides some simple tags to output content related to the pages authors and the pages siblings (other pages with
+the same parent page).
+## Extras
+You will have the ability to edit a user's bio for display on your site. This is a block of text (which you may
+filter with Textile, Markdown, or any filter you have installed) which will be output by the <r:author:bio /> tag.
+## Radius Tags
+The default <r:author /> tag in Radiant displays the current page's creator's name. This extension overrides it
+to allow you to output more details such as <r:author:email /> or "<r:author> Email <r:name /> at <r:email />"
+Tags are provided for looping through authors (<r:authors:each />)
+You'll also be able to list the pages created by the current author with `<r:pages:each><r:title /></r:pages:each>`.
+You'll have tags to output links to other pages near the current page in the page hierarchy. For example, this will
+link to the previous page:
+ <r:siblings:previous><r:link /></r:siblings:previous>
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+If you have [Dashboard]( installed you'll have links to
+create a new blog post there. This is a convenience link in the case that the Radiant link to add a child
+page to your blog is buried somewhere in your page tree. This means that you can go to the Dashboard instead
+of hunting through your page tree to add a new blog post.
+You may set a default location for your blog posts with `Radiant::Config['blog.location.default'] = '/company/blog'`
+(the appropriate location on your website).
+You may also configure a blog location for each user with `Radiant::Config['blog.location.configurable?'] = 'true'`.
+This will allow you to edit a user's details with a blog location such as "/blog/jim", "/blog/amy", "/blog/tech",
+"/writing/things", or whatever may be appropriate for your site.
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= Blog
The Blog extension has been built to provide support for commonly used features of
-web logs. It is a conglomeration of multiple extensions and new features.
+web logs.
-Some features from:
+Some features were pulled from and added to the Siblings Tags extension:
Built by Saturn Flyer and many others
-Supported by Ignite Social Media
+Supported by Ignite Social Media
+ - create an AuthorIndexPage and an AuthorPage to easily list authors and their related details

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