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Allows storing Radiant layouts and snippets on the file system

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File System Resources

This enables the use of Radius-based layouts on the file system. Layouts go in RAILS_ROOT/app/templates/layouts.


Install it

Radiant ~1.0

1. add gem 'radiant-file_system_resources-extension'
to your Gemfile
2. Run rake radiant:extensions:update_all to initialize
the extension
3. Run rake radiant:extensions:file_system_resources:migrate
4. Restart web server

Older versions of Radiant (without Gemfile)

1. git submodule add git:// vendor/extensions/file_system_resources
2. Migrate it: rake radiant:extensions:file_system_resources:migrate
3. Restart webserver

Use it

  • Create your file-based layouts
  • Register your layouts. (needed only when add/remove, not on edit)
    rake radiant:extensions:file_system_resources:register
  • Alternatively, for easy conversion you can extract an existing database resource into a file-based resource. But
    note that the new file resource will still need to be registered upon deployment.
    rake radiant:extensions:file_system_resources:extract layouts=layout1,layout2,etc
  • Your newly created layouts are now available to use in admin panel.
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