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SGdownloader is a small library for downloading file. It supported

  • Block
  • Delegate
  • ARC

You can use Block or Delegate for downloading the file. If you are using with TableView, you should use Delegate instead of Block.


I put downloadManager demo with tableview cell. It's using delegate method for delete the tableviewcell.

##How to use


  • SGdownloader.h
  • SGdownloader.m

to your project.

###for using Block

SGdownloader *downloader = [[SGdownloader alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""] timeout:60];

[downloader startWithDownloading:(float progress,NSInteger percentage) {
	//progress for progress bar
	//percentage for download percentage
} onFinished:(NSData* fileData,NSString* fileName){
	//use NSData to write a file or image
}onFail (NSError* error){

	//on fail


###for using Delegate put SGdownloader delegate at .h file

@interface progressCell : UITableViewCell <SGdownloaderDelegate>

in .m file

SGdownloader *downloader = [[SGdownloader alloc] initWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@""] timeout:60];

[downloader startWithDelegate:self];

Delegate Methods are required

-(void)SGDownloadProgress:(float)progress Percentage:(NSInteger)percentage;


  • allow 1-5 concurrent download for 1 file (like download manager)


check downloadManager.xcodeproj . All the downloading images are using from google search result. It is using for testing purporse only.


###Version 0.2

  • Allow Pause and Resume

###Version 0.1

  • Allow Download with Progress