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Flickr Downloader

Put flickr download file to your localhost.

Get KEY and SECRECT at

Open index.php and change $callbackURL = "http://localhost/flickr_download/index.php"; and update key,secrect.

If your folder name is flickr , it will be like $callbackURL = "http://localhost/flickr/index.php";.

Open in browser http://localhost/flickr_download/index.php.

It will authorize oauth and after finish you will receive token and secrect.


O_TOKEN: 86157674079732196-70bdda496a9f908f
O_SECRECT: b2a74ac72785db78

Update O_TOKEN and O_SECRECT in download.php.

Afer that , run

php download.php

It will create download folder and download all photo in there.