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Improved text selection view
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graphics/icon First beta release May 8, 2019
selectionplusprefs final May 19, 2019
.gitignore UI Fix & misc May 9, 2019
CustomScrollView.h Scroll indicator customization, code cleanup May 17, 2019
CustomScrollView.m Scroll indicator customization, code cleanup May 17, 2019
LICENSE UI Fix & misc May 9, 2019
Makefile Fix sizing, crash, new defaults May 16, 2019
SelectionPlus.plist Init May 6, 2019
UICalloutBar.h Init May 6, 2019
UICalloutBarButton.h Fixed images not appearing for different languages, Textyle support May 12, 2019
control Shows up above keyboard, CopyLog + misc support May 18, 2019
headers.h final May 19, 2019


Make the text selection window yours!


Convenient - Have access to all options quickly instead of having to use the slow default menu. Customization! - change a variety of features from size to color, make it to your liking!

Note: This is the first version and this project is currently in beta.

Expect bugs and please report any by sending me a message (u/SatvikbDev) or write an email to

Enjoy my work? Please consider donating :)

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