Tutorial for implementing a mini blockchain application implemented in Python from scratch.
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A simple tutorial for developing a blockchain application from scratch in Python.

What is blockchain? How it is implemented? And how it works?

Please read the step-by-step implementation tutorial to get your answers :)

Instructions to run

Clone the project,

$ git clone https://github.com/satwikkansal/python_blockchain_app.git

Start a blockchain node server,

$ python node_server.py

Run the application,

$ python run_app.py

The application should be up and running at http://localhost:5000.

Here are a few screenshots

  1. Posting some content


  1. Requesting the node to mine


  1. Resyncing with the chain for updated data


To play around by spinning off multiple custom nodes, use the add_nodes/ endpoint to register a new node. To update the node with which the application syncs, change CONNECTED_NODE_ADDRESS field in the views.py file.