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Beacon is a WYSIWYG web-based XML editor.
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Beacon 0.5.01 alpha:

Beacon is a WYSIWYM based XML editor with an emphasis on clean and sane output.
It uses a 'fill in the blanks' approach to web-based editing and has a plug-in
architecture to allow other documentation types to be integrated as well.

The User Guide and Developer documents are present in the docs/ folder.
Use Beacon to read them. :)


Linux/Unix systems:

 0. Run ./configure

 1. Do make install as a root user.

    # tar -xzf beacon-0.5.tar.gz
    # cd beacon-0.5
    # make install
 or on Fedora do
    # yum install beacon

 2. Start the Apache HTTP server

    # service httpd start

 3. Open URL -> http://localhost/beacon/php

Beacon Database - MySQL:

In order to get Beacon fully working, however, you need to set up the
database manually. For this, follow the steps as described below.

 1. Make sure the mysqld service is running.

    # service mysqld start

 2. Type mysql on the command line. This should take you to the mysql

 3. Type the following commands to setup database, create a user and
    give him permissions to access the database.

    mysql> CREATE DATABASE <database-name>;

    mysql> CREATE USER '<username>'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';

    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON <database>.* TO '<username>'@'localhost';

The database name, user name and password are set as 'beacon' by default
in beacon.conf. Your real settings should be reflected in that
file too.


If you have installed Beacon from the RPM then cheer up, as most of the work
has been done for you :)

Please follow the instructions above to set up Beacon database.

In addition, if you wish to change the default location where beacon resides,
please be sure to change the settings in beacon.conf and also in


If you think you've found a bug or would like to request a feature please send
an email to:



File a ticket on:


Ping us on #beacon on
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