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# `.run`s Coco code and calls back, passing error if any.
Coco.stab = (code, callback, filename, error) ->
try code, {filename} catch error
callback? error
# `.stab`s a remote script via `XMLHttpRequest`.
Coco.load = (url, callback) ->
xhr = new XMLHttpRequest \GET, url, true
xhr.overrideMimeType \text/plain if \overrideMimeType in xhr
xhr.onreadystatechange = !->
if xhr.readyState is 4
if xhr.status of [200 0]
then Coco.stab xhr.responseText, callback, url
else callback? Error "#url: #{xhr.status} #{xhr.statusText}"
xhr.send null
# Execute `<script>`s with _coco_ type.
type = //^ (?: text/ | application/ )? coco $//i
sink = !(error) -> error and setTimeout -> throw error
for script of document.getElementsByTagName \script
if type.test script.type
if script.src
then Coco.load that , sink
else Coco.stab script.innerHTML, sink,