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commit f62a50b3a1a5d66312e51e869ae938db981a1e36 1 parent 79bc0c0
@satyr authored
Showing with 6 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +6 −5 syntax/co.vim
11 syntax/co.vim
@@ -77,7 +77,8 @@ endif
syntax keyword coTodo TODO FIXME XXX contained
highlight default link coTodo Todo
-syntax match coComment /#.*/ contains=@Spell,coTodo
+syntax match coComment /#.*/ contains=@Spell,coTodo
+syntax region coComment start=/\/\*/ end=/\*\// contains=@Spell,coTodo
highlight default link coComment Comment
syntax region coEmbed start=/`/ skip=/\\\\\|\\`/ end=/`/
@@ -101,10 +102,10 @@ syntax cluster coSimpleString contains=@Spell,coEscape
syntax cluster coInterpString contains=@coSimpleString,
\ coInterpolation,coVarInterpolation
-syntax region coRegex start=/\%(\%()\|\i\@<!\d\)\s*\|\i\)\@<!\/\s\@!/
-\ skip=/\[[^]]\{-}\/[^]]\{-}\]/
-\ end=/\/[gimy$]\{,4}/
-\ oneline contains=@coSimpleString
+syntax region coRegex start=/\%(\%()\|\i\@<!\d\)\s*\|\i\)\@<!\/\*\@!/
+\ skip=/\[[^]]\{-}\/[^]]\{-}\]/
+\ end=/\/[gimy$]\{,4}/
+\ oneline contains=@coSimpleString
syntax region coHeregex start=/\/\// end=/\/\/[gimy$?]\{,4}/ contains=@coInterpString,coComment,coSpaceError fold
highlight default link coHeregex coRegex
highlight default link coRegex String
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