Online mining pool based on browser miners
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Coinhive pool

Online mining pool based on coinhive miner.


  • Windows/Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • php5 or php7
  • jQuery 3.1.1 (tested with that version), not included in this github


  • Copy files to web folder
  • Import DB scheme from db_scheme.sql
  • Download jquery to pool folder
  • Write your settings in settings.php

How it works

Users mine for monero with coinhive script. Site aggregates statistics (hashes) and allow payouts in several coins.

User attraction instruments

Pool has two-level referral system and badges.

How payouts work

  • Payouts possible with Bitcoin-like RPC interface, see send_rewards_core_wallet.php
  • Payouts possible with NXT-like RPC interface, see send_rewards_burst.php
  • Payouts possible with TRON cryptocurrency, see send_rewards_tron.php
  • Payouts possible with Gridcoin RPC online wallet, see send_rewards_gridcoin.php
  • Other payouts in manual mode.
  • On user's withdraw request admin receives email notify