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Plane Kafka - Plane tracking with KSQL and a Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi Setup

  • If you don't have a Raspberry Pi you can skip to Docker Setup and use the sample data
  • Clone this repo on the Raspberry Pi
  • Install dump1090
  • Set the IP address below to the docker host (and not the IP address of the Raspberry Pi). This is where you'll transmit the messages to Kafka
# On the Raspberry Pi 
cd raspberry-pi
export HOST_IP= # Docker host

Docker Setup

On your host (probably your laptop or PC). Clone this repo

# Start the containers 
docker-compose up -d

Prepare Database Files

You will need a database of icao-to-aircraft mappings (in icao-to-aircraft.json) and a database of callsigns (callsign-details.json). A good source of data is where you can find aircraft data suitable for your region

If you are in a hurry, icao-to-aircraft.json.sample and callsign-details.json.sample provide you basic records to experiment

Run the application

docker-compose exec confluent bash

And within the container

confluent start
cd /scripts

If you do not have database files, copy the sample files

cp -i icao-to-aircraft.json.sample icao-to-aircraft.json
cp -i callsign-details.json.sample callsign-details.json

Now load the files. This will load data into the icao-to-aircraft and callsign-details topics


And then run ksql. If you recieve parse errors, try running the KSQL statments one by one manually instead of the entire script as one.

-- paste the commands from file 03_ksql.sql

Still within the container finish the remaining setup steps


Setup kibana

  • Navigate to http://localhost:5601
  • Create indexes for locationtable and callsigntable. Each should have a EVENT_TS field marked as a timestamp
  • Use the Kibana managment page to import saved objects in 06_kibana_export.json


Software define radio plane tracking into KSQL Kafka queries



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