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import datetime
from xml.dom import minidom
package = minidom.parse("package.xml")
current_date = package.getElementsByTagName("date")[0].childNodes[0].data
current_release = package.getElementsByTagName("version")[0].getElementsByTagName("release")[0].childNodes[0].data
current_api = package.getElementsByTagName("version")[0].getElementsByTagName("api")[0].childNodes[0].data
print "Current date: %s" % current_date
date ="%Y-%m-%d")
print "Updating Date to %s" % date
print "Current release: %s" % current_release
release = raw_input("Please provide the next release: ")
print "Updating release to %s" % release
print "Current API version: %s" % current_api
confirm = raw_input("Change API version? [y/N]: ")
if confirm in ["y", "Y"]:
api = raw_input("Please provide the next version: ")
print "Updating API version to %s" % api
api = ""
confirm = raw_input("Confirm updates? [Y/n]: ")
if confirm in ["y", "Y", ""]:
package.getElementsByTagName("date")[0].childNodes[0].data = date
package.getElementsByTagName("version")[0].getElementsByTagName("release")[0].childNodes[0].data = release
if api:
package.getElementsByTagName("version")[0].getElementsByTagName("api")[0].childNodes[0].data = api
with open("package.xml", "w") as new:
print release
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