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The guiding goals of developing the Sauce gem are:

  • To make it trivial to run many test cases in parallel on top of Sauce
  • To allow for seamless integration with Sauce, in both directions. A test case should never be "locked" to Sauce, running Selenium locally should always be feasible.
  • To require as little setup or configuration as possible


The Sauce ruby gem, as of 2.1, is split into different "peripheral" gems to accommodate different styles of testing.

Currently this includes:


Check out the (in)Complete guide to configuration (Here)[https://github.com/sauce-labs/sauce_ruby/wiki/Configuration----The-(in)Complete-Guide]. It includes full details of every configuration option and how to customise the environment before your tests run.

Run tests in parallel

The Gem includes builtin support for running your tests in parallel using Cucumber & Capybara, or RSpec. Check out the Parallelisation Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the FAQ

Using Cucumber with Sauce Labs

The Cucumber and Capybara goes into detail on writing effective scenarios in Cucumber, and running those scenarios on Sauce Labs with Capybara and the Sauce gem.