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saucectl playwright example

Example running saucectl with Playwright.

What You'll Need

The steps below illustrate one of the quickest ways to get set up. If you'd like a more in-depth guide, please check out our documentation.

If you're using VS Code, you can use Runme to run the following commands directly from VS Code.

Install saucectl

npm install saucectl -D

Set Your Sauce Labs Credentials

saucectl configure

Running The Examples

Simply check out this repo and run the command below 🚀

Running saucectl

saucectl run

running example

Running saucectl in US and EU

npm run
npm run

The Config

Follow me if you'd like to see how saucectl is configured for this repository.

Our IDE Integrations (e.g. Visual Studio Code) can help you out by validating the YAML files and provide handy suggestions, so make sure to check them out!

Running Cucumber.js with Playwright

saucectl provides a way to run Cucumber.js tests with Playwright. In this case, Cucumber.js acts as the test framework, utilizing Playwright as the automation framework. Follow me for more details.


A showcase of saucectl running playwright.



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