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High-quality tests are crucial to ensuring that code consistently delivers value. The Page Object Model has emerged as an industry-standard best practice for building reusable, reliable, and robust browser tests, but few teams have adopted it. Without a clear path forward, many never move on from low-level Selenium tests. Test::Right is an opinionated browser testing framework that provides a flexible, powerful platform for building a robust test suite from the start.

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gem install test_right
test_right install
  1. Add the code to reset your database and restart the staging server (if necessary) to MY_APP/test/right/setup.rb
  2. Change base_url in MY_APP/test/right/config.yml to the base URL of your application staging environment. For example, set it to http://localhost:3000/ for a standard Rails application.
  3. Build some Widgets
  4. Describe some Features
  5. Run test_right to test your app!