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developer documentation for GtkRadiant 1.5.0
getting the source
The latest source is available from the Subversion repository.
The subversion client can be obtained from the Subversion site.
To get a copy of the source using the commandline Subversion client:
Change the current directory to the desired location for the source.
svn checkout ./GtkRadiant
svn checkout ./GtkRadiant/games/Q3Pack
Linux/OSX(using X-windows)
- gcc3 (preferably)
- scons = 0.96 (radiant is built with scons rather than make)
- python >= 2.3.0 (scons requires python, some build steps use python)
- svn >= 1.1 (some build steps use svn)
- gtk+ >= 2.4.0 (requires glib, atk, pango, iconv, etc)
- gtkglext >= 1.0.0 (requires opengl)
- libxml2 >= 2.0.0
- zlib >= 1.2.0 (for archivezip module)
- libpng >= 1.2.0 (for imagepng module)
- libmhash = 0.9.0 (for q3map2)
Execute 'scons SETUP=0' in the directory containing SConscript
run './GtkRadiant/'
note - this script should be run after each time you update from svn
Execute './GtkRadiant/install/radiant.x86' (or './GtkRadiant/install/radiant.ppc' on osx)
Win32 (2000 or XP)
- visual studio .net 2003
- microsoft c++ compiler 7.1 (comes with 2003)
- python 2.3.0 or later (some build steps use python)
- subversion 1.1 or later (some build steps use svn)
dependencies are prepackaged archives, extract them to the directory above GtkRadiant.sln:
- (gtk-wimp, gtkglext, gtk, glib, atk, pango, iconv etc)
- (for archivezip module)
- (for imagepng module)
- (for q3map2)
- (msvc runtime libraries)
Open GtkRadiant.sln.
In tools > options > projects > VC++ Directories > executables, add the paths to python.exe (e.g. c:\python23\) and svn.exe (e.g. c:\svn\)
Hit 'Build > Build Solution' (F7)
run './GtkRadiant/'
note - this script should be run after each time you update from svn
set Project > Properties > Debugging > Command to "$(SolutionDir)install/$(TargetFileName)"
hit 'Debug > Start' (F5)