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Files and Folders

  • css/, html/, js/ are self explanatory
  • cookie_handling.go initializes a securecookie instance and contains methods to set and revoke session cookies, using gorilla/securecookie. It also reads email addresses out of those cookies.
  • user_management.go sets up the user "database" and contains the sign-in and sign-out handlers (signIn() and signOut() respectively), plus dummy methods to simulate user management (adding users, checking if a user already existst).
  • server.go contains main() and a simple landing page handler. main() sets up the HTTP routes and fires up the server.

How it works:

The page uses a template that is filled with the email address read from the clients session cookie. If there is no such cookie, the page offers to sign in with persona, if there is a cookie (and thus an email address), the page displays that address and offers to sign out.

The page includes js/persona.js, where the javascript methods for sing-in and sign-out are written.

Sign-in works like this: it calls navigator.id.request() (as specified here). navigator.id.request() then calls signIn() (in js/persona.js), which POSTs the assertion to localhost:8080/signin and reacts depending on the response:

  • if the server returns a 200 OK, the page is reloaded. Since the server sent a cookie along with the 200 OK, the client is recognized this time, and the email address is put into the template.
  • if the server returns anything else, signIn() calls navigator.id.logout() (as specified here). This again calls signOut(), which cleans up all session cookies there might be by POSTing to localhost:8080/signout, and reloads the page. This way everything should be cleaned up and sign-in should work the next time you try.