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A plugin that makes basic reporting for rails models dead simple. Formally known as reports_as_sparkline.

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Reportable allows for the easy creation of reports based on ActiveRecord models.


Usage is pretty easy. To declare a report on a model, simply define that the model provides a report:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  reportable :registrations, :aggregation => :count


The reportable method takes a bunch more options which are described in the API docs. For example you could generate a report on the number of updated users records per second or the number of registrations of users that have a last name that starts with 'A' per month:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  reportable :last_name_starting_with_a_registrations, :aggregation => :count, :grouping => :month, :conditions => ["last_name LIKE 'A%'"]

  reportable :updated_per_second, :aggregation => :count, :grouping => :hour, :date_column => :updated_at


For every declared report a method is generated on the model that returns the date:




Working with the data

The data is returned as an Array of Arrays of DateTimes and Floats, e.g.:

  [,          1.0],
  [ -,  2.0],
  [ - 2.days, 3.0]

Reportable provides helper methods to generate a sparkline image from this data that you can use in your views, e.g.:

<%= google_report_tag(User.registrations_report) %>

For other options to generate sparklines see the API docs.


To install the Reportable gem, simply run

[sudo] gem install reportable

Rails 3.x

To install Reportable for Rails 3.x, add it to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'reportable', :require => 'saulabs/reportable'

and generate the migration that create reportable's cache table (beware that reportable currently only supports ActiveRecord):

rails generate reportable_migration

If you want to use reportable's JavaScript graph output format, you also have to generate the JavaScript files:

rails generate reportable_raphael_assets

if you want to use Raphael or if you want to use jQuery and flot:

    rails generate reportable_jquery_flot_assets


  • add support for Oracle and MSSQL
  • add support for DataMapper
  • add more options to generate graphs from the data
  • add the option to generate textual reports on the command line


© 2008-2012 Marco Otte-Witte ( and Martin Kavalar (

Released under the MIT license


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