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@Font: Win95:CAfont:-13:0
@Languages: eng
@Participants: MAR Mark Engineer, STU Stuart Engineer, UNK Unknown
Colleague, UN2 Unknown2 Colleage 2, CLA Claire Colleague
@Options: CA
@ID: eng|AudioBNC|MAR||malee|||Engineer|||
@ID: eng|AudioBNC|STU||male|||Engineer|||
@ID: eng|AudioBNC|UNK||male|||Unknown|||
@ID: eng|AudioBNC|UN2||male|||Unknown|||
@ID: eng|AudioBNC|CLA||female|||Unknown|||
@Media: 021A-C0897X0119XX-AAZZP0, audio
@Transcriber: Saul Albert
@Comment: New Conversation 011903
*MAR: eah I wen to a pain'ing par'ee on sa'urday 2218263_2222119
(3.5) 2220647_2223783
*STU: a whoh? 2223607_2224903
(2.3) 2224439_2226871
*MAR: a pain' party 2226951_2228503
*STU: (UUUHRRRRRH) 2228327_2229527
(1.9) ((squeaking noise)) 2229290_2231194
*STU: d'the aww si' around sniff pain'?
(0.4) 2232522_2232970
*MAR: yea 'ts it you goddit in one 2233002_2234730
*MAR: only (.) we dinn' ave any gloss 2237064_2239000
((squeaking sound))
*STU: woss a pain' par'ee if naffi- 2242040_2243704
*MAR: a bo'ou anna brush. (.) an they supply the p( ) 2244552_2248360 ((squeaking noise))
((squeaking noise)) 2249516_2250284
*STU: an thass i'. you pain', an ge' pissed a' the same ti:me
2256567_2259591 (.) hhuUUUuuHAnhOH 2259927_2261815 (.) lads:: 2262167_2262759 (.) lOhw 2263495_2264391 ((squeaking noise)) (2.2)
*MAR: noo concept in par'ees ((clunking noises)) 2267204_2269428
*STU naa:s no' new concept tha' jason (.) tha' someinn Pollock ma'e ees
been ta'in the piss for y̲e̲a̲rs! 2271741_2276870
(1.0) 2276669_2278077
*STU: ee musta been 2277976_2279283
*STU: °Jason pollock wha'everis name is°
*MAR: Jackson≈ 2285418_2286524
*STU: ≈Ja̲c̲k̲son pollock 2286423_2287429
*STU: ee m̲u̲s̲ta been pain'in' pissed for years ees been on fuckin' funny
shi' 2288435_2292155
*MAR: You ever seen a r̲e̲a̲l jackson pollock 2293985_2296499
*STU: Onn'y on the tee vee an' 'at 2296942_2298343
*MAR: u:p at e::h (0.8) royal academy,≈ 2299249_2302279
*STU: ≈AIdon'((squeaking noise))go (.) places like 'at Im'no an artlover
2302115_2304931 (7.1)
*STU: la:s' time i̲ wen' to an a̲r̲' museum was a' school eh 2312231_2314119
(3.2) ((squeaking noise))
*MAR: wen' to the r̲o̲yal academy when I was (.) doin' my a-level (1.6)
°fer art° 2317810_2322706
*MAR: There was a jackson pollock up a' ((loud squeaking noise)) °'as
abou'- canvas was abou' twelve foo' by twelve foo'
*MAR: an i' was litrilly splodges of pain' all over the fuckin' place n
o:rible (0.9) in ter- we- tha' you can actually buy 'em at the royal
academy you can' buy em a' the Tate (nomo) (1.5) ee: was askin' a
hundred thousan' pound for i' (0.4) (couldn') °fuckin'° believe i' 2338555_2355255
*MAR: Train monkey coulda fukin' pain'ed tha.
(5.7) ((tannoy announcement))
*MAR: ⌈Tha's (probly)⌉ 2363610_2364954
*STU: ⌊AWWI A' EE b-⌋ILLABLY IS!≈ 2363610_2364954
*MAR: ≈Jackson Pollock is a monkey a' London zoo≈ 2364938_2367514
*STU: ≈(°mmmm°)
*MAR: Aww ee 'as to do is ge' won mug to buy em (1.3) buy i' (1.6) anez
made inni 2369223_2374807
*MAR: heh 2375543_2375767
((squeaking sound))
*STU: 'Mean
(1.5) 2385403_2386859
*MAR: ⌈Ise NO'⌉
*STU: ⌊I can SEE⌋ why they call people li' 2386863_2388559
*STU: Canstaboo 2388975_2389615
*STU: Rembran' grea' ar'ists an stuff (.) °awoo° NEver see ow 'ey cou talk
abou' anybody like Pol⌈lock-⌉ 2390911_2397343
*MAR: ⌊PE::Rcasso≈⌋ 2395418_2396410
*STU: ≈great artist. 2396266_2397226
*MAR: No I don' °li'a achlee° 2398090_2399914
*STU: >>ISJus<< 2400794_2401098
*STU: cr⌈ap⌉ 2402986_2403322
*MAR: ⌊O::⌋R u:m (0.3) ohw Ooos tha' geezer oos jus' star'ed oo used to
pain' (0.6) the soup tins. 2403919_2407919
*MAR: an the pop ar'is Andy Wa::rhol≈ 2409839_2412463
*STU: ≈(°no way°) 2412427_2412971
*MAR: think that a load of shi'! 2413403_2414427
*MAR: °alf is stuff° I MEAN THey- they're good reproductions
(1.2)((screwdriver noise)) tin a (.) heinz baked beans but any
monkey can fukin' do tha? 2415115_2422315
*MAR: an charge fifty gra:an for i' °o:r° whade̲v̲e̲r̲ they charge for i' 2423433_2428553
*MAR: tHE ONES I̲'̲v̲e̲ always liked is um (0.6) I dunno if you've ever
seen any ed- EDward LAnseeer.
*MAR: use to pain' a lotof e::r queen victoria an sim to::o um
(0.8)((sawing noise)) animal (.) pain'(in') (.) stuff lai at'≈really
(.) fukin' good 2454461_2459325
*MAR: and e::r summa the dutch m̲a̲:̲sters≈⌈franz hals⌉ (0.6) and e::r≈ 2456104_2460696
*STU: ⌊()⌋
*STU: ≈not really an ar'ee p̲e̲r̲son 2460484_2461956
*MAR: >THEYr=< (.) >SOR'f like theyr< is:s its like 2463220_2466228
(2.0) 2465837_2467837
*MAR: So- SUmma those (.) pain'ins er- erabsa̲l̲o̲o̲tly
>b̲e̲a̲u̲d̲i̲f̲u̲l̲< ≈they- they loo' as if theyve jus been
pho'agraphed (.)
*STU: ear⌈hhh⌉
*MAR: ⌊they look as if they're a pho'ograph no' an actual oi-((squeaky
noise)) oil pain'.
(3.6)((squeaky noise))
*UNK: (ey) ((background talk))
*MAR: THEY're the ones I̲ admire
*UNK: () ((background talk))
*UNK: () ((background talk))((squeaky noise))
*STU: th'only ar'ists thet I̲ know (0.9)((clunking noise)) springs to my
min' >I fin<'is absolutely brilliant is David Shepherd 2488747_2494059
(1.0)((crunching noise)) 2493387_2494411
*STU: wi'out sounding () ((banging noise)) he's f̲u̲c̲k̲in' ((banging
noise)) fantastic.
(8.5) ((more banging noises))
*UNK: ROoi
*STU: We've go' a prin' of one of is works
*STU: i:ts ony won of a HAndred prints an even the prints worth abou' a
thousan pounds.
*UNK: (Go be watch)
*STU: (°now den°)
*MAR: ⌈(wis)⌉
*UNK: ⌊How ⌋ you doin'
*MAR: Not too bad
*MAR: Bearin' up (°yknow°)
*UNK: °yeah°
*MAR: (under the strain)
((tannoy announcement))
*STU: Oh n0:o no' again
*UN2: On the case
*CLA: Just one queshtion 2529260_2530383
*(STU): MMmmmm? 2530408_2530964
(1.6)((loudspeaker announcements))
*UN2: (°yeah°)() ch ch ch ch ((tuts loudly)) TI:IMESRARD 2536014_2537794
*UN2: Fu'BOO DAY () shor' ((squeaking sound)) an the OW LADY STILL
wouldn' le' me off the owd e:em- 2538890_2541832
*MAR: she wouldn?≈
*UN2: ≈she WOULDN! (>ha those) (.) le'us off< 2543369_2544910
*UN2: s- ((squeak)) sGud this week how I'f- I've managed to get the bo'oo
udday though 2547498_2551071
*UN2: yanna'I mean 2552005_2552649
*MAR: you're no' goin t'have none for the >li'l-< res' of the week? 2553124_2556230
*UN2: NO:O o- at- AT is TRUE probly yeah
(0.6) 2558475_2559119
*UN2: °this is true° (1.4)((voices in background)) times ar
a̲r̲d̲ ((moving away from microphone)) 2558968_2561619
(7.3) ((voices in background)
*UN2: (oh awwrigh' claire) ((door shuts, whistling, in background)) °when
that bitch is off°().
*UNK: Finish playin' that tape yet?
*MAR: Yeah I 'ave °iss in the car°
*UNK: The ol' Lynyrd Skynyrd one?
*MAR: (°yeh I forgo' to bring it in°)
*UNK: youve been sayin' tha' for weeks then≈
*MAR: ≈NO I AVE I've go' it is:s ou' in the car
(2.7) ((voices in background))
*UNK: thass the only- I've gotta keep trake o the' mates:e:h the ACshull
(0.7) >the Achull< ma:aster tape o' tha' one I:a lent t'somebody an
I aven' goddit back a ma- remember where it is?
(3.9) ((background tapping))
*MAR: Na:h I'll go ou- I'll pop out 2596649_2600431
*UNK: >JUs< ⌈DI DI DI DE⌉ de de disgusted basi-
*MAR: ⌊I've go-⌋
*MAR: I've gotta go up the (.) town a' lunchtime so I cn (.) ()
(3.9) ((squeaking noise))
*(MAR): are we still on tape? 2608202_2610570
(5.0) ((whistling in background))
*STU: Yeah
(7.5) ((two people whistling, quiet talking in background))
*STU: Roit pair'v ar' cri'ics inwe?