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@Font: Win95:CAfont:-15:0
@Languages: eng
@Participants: DOM Dominic Visitor, LEE Lee Visitor
@Options: CA
@ID: eng|Tino Sehgal Tate Modern Balcony|DOM||male|||Visitor|||
@ID: eng|Tino Sehgal Tate Modern Balcony|LEE||male|||Visitor|||
@Media: TATM2012_L-D_0407, audio
@Transcriber: Saul Albert
*DOM: They fo̲ll:owing- <are they f̲↑o̲l̲l̲owing ↓somebody
*DOM: <is tha' the idea or is this: following a li:ne on the fl↑oor.
(0.8) 0_18576
*LEE: Na̲:::h I thin' theh jus running around ai:̲mlessly.
(3.9) 18576_20805
*DOM: There s↑eems to be like some o̲↑̲:̲:̲r̲der th↓ough. or >well-<
one's got lo̲s̲t̲. 20805_27493
*LEE: Fhhh≈ 27493_28236
*DOM: ≈∙Hh ∙hnHh ∙Hnhh
(1.2) 28236_28979
*LEE: °>>Like<<° f↑ollow me̲:::,
(0.8) 28979_31208
*DOM: H⌈eh heh Hheh- 31208_32322
*LEE: ⌊>°°F↑↑ollow me::,°°< 32322_36409
*LEE: Hmm. 36409_48669
*DOM: Right.≈ 48669_51641
*LEE: ≈Less jus film that (.) sorry.≈ 51641_53128
*DOM: ≈Heh HEh 53128_53871
*LEE: Make it look like it's stuck up a::rt.
(1.1) 53871_54985
*DOM: >°This 's< wha London people do:: (.) on the weekend.° 54985_57957
(10.4) ((Several digital camera recording noises))
*LEE: So: (.) we are now w̲a̲t̲c̲hing an interactive piece of a̲:̲:̲r̲t
where you °a::re° (.) w:Welcome to join en >run< ar̲o̲u̲nd (like a
(1.2) 57957_74304
*LEE: Don' understa̲n̲d̲ what it's tryin to s̲a̲y̲? (.) >jus try ignore
*LEE: °>Would<° y̲o̲u̲ say that.
(0.8) 74304_79877
*DOM: I: >↓sp̲o̲s̲e̲< so:.
(1.3) 79877_80991
*LEE: >At's<< T̲a̲t̲e̲ M̲o̲d̲ern for yeh.
(1.9) ((Coughing in background)) 80991_83221
*DOM: But we don't know where people are running to::. and w̲h̲̲y̲:: 83221_87307
*LEE: To̲t̲ally pret̲e̲n̲tious. 86549_88639
((Further group talk, inaudible))