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Searches a twitter list for an occurrence of one or more hashtags
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Born for the need to monitor twitter for a specific hashtag for an arduino project, this 
Python (GAE) script allows you to check to see if any of a specified list of hashtags 
have been mentioned by anyone in a specified twitter list.

The script has been written in a very generic way to allwo it to be re-used for any 
application that wants to monitor a specific set of twitter feeds for hashtags and get a 
yes/no answer.

Exciting yeah?  To use it run the code as a Google App Engine application and pass your 
parameteres in on the request<username>/<listname>/<comma separated list of hashtags>/<id of the last tweet checked>

you will return a (very) simple JSON struture in return:
  [true, '199264308323037184']
If hosted on the Google App Engine, this script will share its rate limit allocation with 
many other GAE apps. So you will see a high proportion of twitter API failures.  I will 
get round to fixing that ASAP.
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