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A bare bones front-end "delete friendly" boilerplate, fuelled by bower and grunt.


To use Frontmend you need node.js, follow the instructions on the site to get setup on your chosen operating system.

Getting Started

Create a directory for your project and jump into it.

mkdir yourproject && cd yourproject

Clone the Frontmend repository to the current directory.

git clone .

Install the development dependencies; bower is a package manager and grunt is a task-based command line tool.

sudo npm install -g bower && sudo npm install -g grunt-cli && npm install

Use these tools to install the necessary JavaScript components (libraries and plugins) you require for your project.

bower install

These components and node packages are listed in component.json, which defaults to:-

Running the default grunt task will start a simple connect http server (running on port 9001), watch your jade, sass, js and hbs files for changes, compiling and live-reloading when a change is detected.


The build task uses the r.js optimizer to concatenate and minify your code, including RequireJS, so that you can include just 1 script file (which defaults to js/main.min.js). It also generates a HTML5 App Cache Manifest.

grunt build


v.0.0.4 [15/07/13]

  • Renamed scss files as includes, updated to compass rather than just sass.
  • Updated normalize to v2.1.2.
  • Using almond.js rather than require.js for minified single JavaScript file.
  • Rendering handlebars templates from jade.
  • Committed empty directories.
  • Added grunt modernizr to add custom, dependency-based modernizr build to build process.

v0.0.3 [02/03/13]

  • Added grunt-contrib-sass for scss compilation.
  • Added grunt-manifest, after forking existing plugin and bringing up to date for grunt v0.4.0.

v0.0.2 [20/02/13]

  • Added grunt-contrib-jade for dynamic jade template compilation.
  • Added an Events object to the app namespace which acts as a mediator.


  • Initial release.


  • Commenting.
  • Turn project into yo generator.
  • Add grunt image optimisation.
  • Flesh out the mixins .scss file with my most used and common mixins.
  • See what can be done at this stage to ease the introduction of JavaScript testing.
  • implement grunt-contrib-copy before running r.js to slim down the dest folder.


A bare bones front-end framework, with RequireJS, google analytics, typekit, retina.js and modernizr.



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