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== now
- use Yahoo placemaker for geocoding (as exclusive, or as priority for supported conversions)
== very soon
- google geocoding terms of service indicate that "a map must be shown" ... what to do?
- driver: hamweather
- driver: metar
- improve code based on metrics
- use Geomojo to convert coords to woe_id (when no yahoo key)
- remove use of HTTParty, use Net:HTTP and Nokogiri instead
== soon
- refactor: data-zone
- methods to use service_specific icons/images
== future
- Rdoc compatible documentation
- add uv, moon, elevation info to current
- driver: intellicast
- simple_questions improve answers (use extra data)
- make sure you can compare LocalTime to LocalDateTime in LocalTime class
- be smart, never make duplicate queries
- ie. if you are including wunderground, do it first and use the timezone info
- conversion and weather fetching queries should have hooks to allow
for configurable caching via memcache, then web service calls can
be cached across multiple measurement instances.
== bugs
== refactoring
- Parsing dates is slow (ie Time.parse)
for data parsing with known date/time formats, parse the
needed information explicitly
text =~ /^(\d\d\d\d)-(\d\d)-(\d\d)/$3,$2,$1)
== other weather info
=== intellicast
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