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  • Add support for configuring max connections in app config (Rafał Rzepecki)

0.4.3 (2013-04-03)

  • Handle Sequel::NoMatchingRow exception to return a 404.

    As of Sequel 3.46.0, this new standard exception class has been added. The main use case is when no row is found when using the new Dataset#first! method, this new method raise an exception instead of returning nil like Dataset#first.

  • Ensure migration tasks points to migration directory's full path (Sean Sorrell)

0.4.2 (2013-03-18)

  • Add schema dump format option and sql dump/load for Postgresql (Rafał Rzepecki)

    To make rake db:dump and rake db:load use sql format for schema instead of the default ruby version, put in your config/application.rb:

    config.sequel.schema_format = :sql
  • Improve detection of JRuby (Ed Ruder)

0.4.1 (2013-03-12)

  • DRY config in rake task and fix usage under JRUBY (Ed Ruder)
  • Enable JRuby in TravisCI
  • Run JDBC specs when jruby is detected
  • Fix problems with JDBC support when running in 1.9 mode
  • Fix JDBC support for mysql and postgresql and add specs on SequelRails::Configuration (Jack Danger Canty)
  • Rescue exception when dropping database #20

0.4.0 (2013-03-06)

  • Ensure we've dropped any opened connection before trying to drop database (Ed Ruder)
  • Make dependency on railtie looser (>= 3.2.0)
  • Do not add any Sequel plugin by default anymore. Plugins could not be removed so it is safer to let the user add them via an initializer. Furthermore, we were changing the default Sequel behaviour related to 'raise on save'. All the previous plugins/behaviours of sequel-rails can be restored by creating an initializer with:

    require "sequel_rails/railties/legacy_model_config"

    Thanks to @dlee, for raising concerns about this behaviour in #11


  • Remove rake db:forward and rake db:rollback as it makes not much sense when using the TimeStampMigration which is how this gem generates migrations
  • Ensure rake tasks returns appropriate code on errors
  • Ensure PostgreSQL adapter passes the right options to both create and drop database (Sascha Cunz)


  • Fix rake db:drop and rake db:schema:load tasks (Thiago Pradi)


  • Add Travis-CI configuration
  • Ensure file name for migration are valid
  • BIG CHANGE rename Rails::Sequel module as SequelRails, this becomes the namespace for all sequel-rails related classes.
  • Split Rails::Sequel::Storage class in multiple adapter for each db
  • Only log queries if logger level is set to :debug (matching ActiveRecord default).
  • Correctly display time spent in models in controller logs.
  • Add simple ActiveSupport::Notification support to Sequel using logger facility. This is done by monkey patching Sequel::Database#log_yield, so it does not yield directly if no loggers configured and instrument the yield call. Note that this does not allow to know from which class the query comes from. So it still does not display the Sequel::Model subclass like ActiveRecord does (eg: User load).
  • Add spec for Sequel::Railties::LogSubscriber
  • Add initial specs for railtie setup


  • Add post_install_message to notify users to switch to sequel-rails gem


  • Correctly pass option to MySQL CLI and correctly escape them (Arron Washington)


  • Fix bug in db:force_close_open_connections and make it work with PostgreSQL 9.2.
  • Ensure db:test:prepare use execute instead of invoke so that tasks already invoked are executed again. This make the following work as expected: rake db:create db:migrate db:test:prepare


  • Check migration directory exists before checking if migration are pending


  • Ensure some tasks use the right db after setting Rails.env:
    • db:schema:load
    • db:schema:dump
    • db:force_close_open_connections
  • Add check for pending migrations before running task depending on schema:
    • db:schema:load
    • db:test:prepare
  • Make database task more like what rails is doing:
    • db:load do not create the db anymore
    • db:create don't create the test db automatically
    • db:drop don't drop the test db automatically
    • db:test:prepare don't depend on db:reset which was loading db:seed (Sean Kirby)
  • Make rake db:setup load schema instead of running migrations (Markus Fenske)
  • Depends on railties instead of rails to not pull active_record as dependency (Markus Fenske)


  • Fix rake db:schema:load (Markus Fenske)


  • Make rake db:schema:dump generate a schema file which contains foreign_keys and uses db types instead of ruby equivalents. This ensure loading the schema file will result in a correct db

  • Map some Sequel specific exceptions to ActiveRecord equivalents, in config.action_dispatch.rescue_responses. This allows controllers to behave more like ActiveRecord when Sequel raises exceptions. (Joshua Hansen)

  • New Sequel plugin added to all Sequel::Model which allows to use Sequel::Model#find! which will raise an exception if record does not exists. This method is an alias to Sequel::Model#[] method. (Joshua Hansen)


  • Fix generators and use better model and migration template (Joshua Hansen)


  • Ignore environments without database key (like ActiveRecord do it), to allow shared configurations in database.yml.
  • Fix db creation commands to let the system method escape the arguments
  • Fix error when using mysql2 gem


  • Make db:schema:dump Rake task depends on Rails environment task (Gabor Ratky)


  • Update dependency to Rails (~> 3.2.0)


  • Set PGPASSWORD environment variable before trying to create DB using createdb


  • Ensure Sequel is disconnected before trying to drop a db


  • Make dependency on Sequel more open (~> 3.28)


  • Fix deprecation warning for config.generators
  • Update dependency to Rails 3.1.1
  • Update dependency to Sequel 3.28.0
  • Update dependency to RSpec 2.7.0


  • Merged in changes to rake tasks and timestamp migrations


  • update sequel dependency, configuration change


  • fixed log_subscriber bug that 0.1.1 was -supposed- to fix.
  • fixed controller_runtime bug


  • bug fixes, no additional functionality


  • initial release