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MobileGap - list of open source mobile application projects

About MobileGap

MobileGap is a list of open sourced mobile application projects currated and managed by the community.

MobileGap web site is an open source project itself. You are welcome to contribute and add links to mobile open source projects by creating a pull request directly on this GitHub repository.


The content of is maintained in the Markdown language. Metalsmith is used to build the html content from the Markdown pages in this project.

The following will build html pages in directory (you must have NodeJS and npm installed)

npm install
node index.js


In order to add link to your application source code, you have to issue the pull request to update the page. Please respect the order which is based on application name.

If there are submissions, the code is synched one or two times per month.

If you have additional ideas how to make better or would like to do the short tech review for an open source app which is already on the list ping us on Twitter.

By @sauliuz and