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Release Status: CircleCI - list of open source mobile application projects

About is a list of open sourced mobile application projects currated and managed by the community. site is an open source project itself. You are welcome to contribute and add links to your mobile open source projects by creating a pull request directly to master branch on this GitHub repository.

Add your project

The list of open source mobile applications is maintained in the Markdown language.

Metalsmith framework is used to build the HTML content from the Markdown pages.

To test, clone this repository.

The following will build HTML pages in directory (you must have nodejs and npm installed)


Add your open source project to page and run local build to see how it will appear on the actual site. Please respect the order which is based on application name

Create a pull request

Once your project is added, create a pull request to the master branch.

After pull request is merged, CI will release your updates to


If you have additional ideas how to make better ping us on twitter.

By @sauliuz and


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