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VisiData Homebrew Tap

homebrew-vd is a Homebrew tap for convenient installation and updating of VisiData on MacOS/X.

If you are looking for installation instructions for VisData on OSes in the Linux family, they are available here.

This tap contains VisiData v1.4.


To install the tap:

brew tap saulpw/vd

This will enable tracking, updating and installing all formulae made available here through brew.

VisiData can then be installed using:

brew install visidata

and VisiData can then be updated with every subsequent release using:

brew update
brew upgrade visidata


To uninstall this tap:

brew untap saulpw/vd


If you run into No module named setuptools errors, then this is likely a known Homebrew conundrum.

Follow the advice in this issue thread.


VisiData was created and is being developed by Saul Pwanson <>. The homebrew package and tap is maintained by Anja Kefala <>.