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vgit is now at saulpw/visidata/vgit

vgit v0.3

vgit is a sleek terminal user interface for git, supplanting the arcana of git command-line operations with intuitive keystrokes. It was built using the VisiData tui as a platform.

Current features include:

  • viewing, stashing, staging, unstaging, and committing of diff hunks.
  • viewing the git log (history)
  • branch and remotes management
  • branch merges and commit cherry-picks
  • popping, applying, and dropping of stashed diffs
  • setting of local and global git config options

Installing vgit

using pypi

pip3 install vgit

cloning from git

$ git clone
$ cd vgit
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python install


  • Python 3.3+
  • sh

Running vgit

vgit [<working_dir>] opens a git status sheet for the given working directory (or the current directory if not specified).

Further documentation is available here.


vgit is released under a GPLv3 license.

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