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12. Test install/upgrade from pypi
a. build and check readthedocs/stable
a. Build and deploy the website
b. Ask someone else to test install
@@ -93,3 +93,34 @@ git push --tags
16. Comb through issues and close the ones that have been solved, referencing the version number
17. Post release notes on r/visidata and tinyletter and have some ice cream
# Homebrew
1. Update the link in url to the new visidata tar.gz file.
2. Download the tarfile and obtain its new sha256
shasum -a 256
3. Check each dependency and see if it has been updated. If so, update the url and sha256 for the newest version.
4. Install visidata using `pip3 install visidata --upgrade` and note down all of the new dependencies.
5. Obtain their urls and sha256 and add them to the formula
6. Change their urls from `` to ``.
7. Test the formula with `brew install --build-from-source visidata`. Fix as needed.
8. Audit the formula with `brew audit --new-formula visidata`
9. Add and commit the formula.
## Debian
1. Obtain the visidata tar.gz file from pypi
2. tar -xzmf visidata.tar.gz
3. cp visidata.ver.tar.gz visidata_ver.orig.tar.gz
4. cd visidata/
5. Place there the contents of the debian directory from
6. Update changelog
dch -v version-revision
7. Run debuild. Fix errors as they come up
8. If a package fails to import a module, it must be added to the build dependencies as python3-modules
9. Enter saulpw/deb-vd.
10. Run the command reprepro includeb sid new-vd.deb

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