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# v0.99
This is a 1.0 release candidate.
No changes will be made on stable before 1.0 except for targeted bugfixes with minimal likelihood of regressing anything else. If there are any more bugfixes to be applied, they will be cherry-picked from continuing develop. Either v0.99 or v0.99.1 will become the formal 1.0 in a few weeks.
User-facing changes in this version:
- tab completion for filename and python expressions
- load .html table elements (requires lxml)
- http urls are now usable as sources (requires requests)
- save as .json
- `^W` to erase a word in the line editor
- `gC` views all columns on all sheets
- `median` aggregator
- `v` now 'visibility toggle' (moved from `w`)
- `--version` (thanks to @jsvine)
- `options.use_default_colors` (thanks to @wavexx)

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