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Unofficial Github profile card made using github api
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Github Profile Card

Unofficial Github profile card for your websites / blogs

Generator :

How to use

  • Enter your username, repository names(seprated by ",") and paste wherever you want your card to appear
    <div username='saurabhdaware' repos='github-profile-card, storm, stormv2,planetZerugoria' class='github-card' id="card"></div>
  • If you want to add all your repositories
    <div username='saurabhdaware' repos='all' class='github-card' id='card'>
  • Paste following code before the end of body tag </body> or in between your <head></head> tags
    <script src=''></script>
  • If you dont want to show repositories you can simply remove those attributes
    <div username='saurabhdaware' class='github-card' id="card"></div>

How to customize

  • These are the original styles of outer div
    margin:0 !important;
    border:1px solid black;
    font-family: 'Play', sans-serif;
    box-shadow:0 4px 10px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.2),0 4px 20px 0 rgba(0,0,0,0.19)
  • If your name doesn't fit perfectly in the card you can adjust the width of that card with
    width:400px !important;
  • Adding more than 3 repositories will add a scrollbar in the card if you want to remove that scrollbar you can put following in your css
    max-height:none !important;
    overflow-y: visible !important;
  • You can see full css file here If you want to change any style just overwrite them with your css


  • Input
        <!-- Other html -->
        <div username='saurabhdaware' repos='github-profile-card,storm,stormv2,planetZerugoria' class='github-card' id="card"></div>
        <!-- More html -->
        <script src=''></script>
  • Output

  • Let me know if you find any bug.
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