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Production Releases

(Note: Only production releases will be mentioned here, If you want to see beta releases, you can find them here)


  • pm getpath Question fix
  • prompts updated to v2.3.0
  • Unit testing for helper added (@junaidrahim - #27)


Documentation Update


npm install -g projectman

Release Date: 20th Sept, 2019

  • Brought dependencies from 36 packages to 4 packages!! 🎉

Some internal code refactoring and asking myself "Do I really need this package?" helped me bring down dependency tree of 37 packages to 4 packages!!!

  • AutoComplete added during project selection.

In pm open and other project selection menus. You can now start typing the letters and list will be filtered out to show projects matching the letters.

  • Ability to open/add URLs (Thank You @ZakariaTalhami for PR #20 )

    • pm add --url [URL] to add URLs to the projectman. [URL] is an optional parameter
    • These URLs will show up in pm open with (URL) appended to their names.
    • On selecting the URL in pm open they will be opened in your default browser.
    • This can be used to store your repositories/websites/other useful links.


npm install -g projectman@1.2.0

Release Date: 12th Sept, 2019

> Presenting ProjectMan binaries 🎉🦸

Why should Node developers have all the fun? Now use ProjectMan without NodeJS or NPM installed.

Download binaries and follow installation instructions given with them :

Download button for windows Download button for Linux Download button for MACOS

> cd to directory without opening the project.

cd $(pm getpath)

This will allow users to jump to a directory in command line without opening the project.

PR : #9 (Thank You @ZakariaTalhami) Issue : #5 (Thank you @feitzi)

> Added --for-project flag in pm seteditor:

pm seteditor --for-project

This will allow users to set different editor for a specific project E.g. Set Atom for Project1 and have VSCode for other projects Isssue : #13 PR : #16

> Other option added in pm seteditor :

You can now select other option and type the editorCommand as an input rather than typing pm seteditor [editorCommand]

> New command pm rmeditor:

pm rmeditor

This will allow users to remove the project specific editors. You can either pm rmeditor and choose the project to remove editor or pm rmeditor --all to remove all project specific editors.


npm install -g projectman@1.1.0
  • Project specific editors (Thanks #4 @fechy for issue)
    • Now you can pm edit and set editor key in settings.json projects[] with the value of the command of your editor.
    • settings.json E.g.
    "commandToOpen": "code",
    "projects": [

This will allow users to open other projects in VSCode but use Vim to open MyCoolProject

  • Projects will not be erased after updating furthur (However they will still be erased while installing this update so I'll recommend to take copy of your settings.json If you have added multiple projects already) (Sorry but this is the last time when you'll have to do this 😢 )) (Thank you @codyaverett and @Tanuj69 issue #2 and helping me out solving this)
  • Added vim in pm seteditor also added a message explaining 'How to set editors/IDE that are not listed in the menu'
  • pm is now alias for pm open (Thank you @johannesjo for suggestion)
  • pm seteditor [commandToOpenEditor] added This will set default editor command, This can be used when the editor you want to use is not listed in pm seteditor. (Note: pm seteditor will work exactly same as it did before)


npm install -g projectman@1.0.0

Initial release of ProjectMan.

Includes following commands:

pm add
pm remove
pm open
pm seteditor
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