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📲 WebApp for subtitle/closed caption extraction through CCExtractor. Developed under GSoC 2018 with CCExtractor.
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📡 CCExtractor-Web Linux/macOS Build Status Linux/macOS Build Status

A web application for subtitle extraction through CCExtractor. Being developed under GSoC 2018 with CCExtractor.

There are two major branches in this repository - master and development.

The development branch is regularly updated as the work proceeds. At the end of each phase, the development branch is merged with the master branch.

The project is in it’s very early stage and is constantly evolving. The available functions, usage instructions et cetera are expected to refactor over time. It is not production ready but you are welcome to play with it, or better, help improve it! :)


Using CCExtractor-Web

An usage guideline can be found in the docs, here.

Running/Installing Your Own CCExtractor-Web Instance

An installation guideline can be found in the docs, here.

Project Details

The aim of the project is to create an easy to use web application that can be hosted on a web-server for subtitle extraction using CCExtractor. The idea is simple – the users do not need to install CCExtractor on their own machine, they can directly use the web application to process their files anytime, anywhere. It would also serve as an easy interface for first time developers (notably GSoC and GCI students) to experience the extraction process.

The high level workflow for this project basically involves obtaining files from user along with suitable parameters, passing them to the CCExtractor , processing the files, obtaining output file and making it available for download. Other things include, but is not limited to, user management, file management, record maintenance, multiple CCExtractor binary options and API.

Once hosted on a server, some probable use cases:

  • A simple interface for users, right in their web browser to upload their files and get subtitle files from any device without actually installing CCExtractor.

  • Extract subtitle from files using mobile phones, tablets or literally anything connected to internet.

  • Quickly reproduce and validate bug reports.

  • By choosing the binary version being used for extraction – helps in tracking down regressions.

  • Experience the working of CCExtractor on real files before choosing to install it.

Credits and Licensing

CCExtractor-Web is released under the MIT License (MIT).

I have tried my best to ensure that credit and reference is given in the source wherever it is due. In case I have missed any reference/license, firstly please accept my apology. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to correct my mistake. 🤝


The project is under constant development, and needs a lot of brushing and bug fixes. Feel free to contribute in any way. Your contribution will be highly appreciated! 🙂

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