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Chapter 2 - Into the Matrix Added Ch 2 folder w/ correction in conditionals example Mar 9, 2013
Chapter 3 - Offices and Restrooms Changed the comments to make it more clear what was happening here. Jul 20, 2013
Chapter 4 - How to Be an Armchair Economist
Chapter 5 - Discover Yourself Through Email the same issue as at #1 Jan 22, 2014
Chapter 6 - In a Heartbeat
Chapter 7 - Schooling Fish and Flocking Birds adding the full code base and changing the numbering of chapters Jul 7, 2012
Chapter 8 - Money, Sex and Evolution

This is the public repository for the book from O'Reilly 'Exploring Everyday Things with R and Ruby'.

There has been some changes in the chapter numbering since the draft

Please send your feedback to me through sausheong at gmail dot com. Any corrections, comments and compliments welcome! :)

Thank yous

Thanks to Ryan LeCompte who pointed out a bug in Chapter 3, which lead to a revamp for all the code in Chapter 3 with better naming (following the examples and figures in the book) and fixing typo bugs raised earlier.