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Tanks is a Gosu-based simple, online, real-time multi-player game, based on the popular retro game, Tank Battalion. Rev up your tank and battle it out in the deadly Tanks arena, if you dare!


Tanks primarily uses 2 external libraries -- Gosu and Celluloid-IO ( Install the needed and related gems by running bundle install. Once you've done that you're good to go!

If you encounter problems when running a variant of Linux, make sure you have all the dependencies install. Read up more about it here -

As of writing, it's only been tested on a Linux machine and on a Mac OS X Mountain Lion, running in Ruby 1.9.3 or Ruby 2.0.0.


Just do this:

  1. Run the game server. Server and port are optional, defaulting to and 1234 by default.

    $ ruby arena.rb <server> <port>

  2. Run the game client in any computer in the same network, and connecting to the server.

    $ ruby player.rb <server> <port> <player name> <tank color>

All the parameters are optional. By default, a random name is used, along with a random color. The default server IP is and the default port is 1234. Tank colors can be any X11 color names in snake case e.g. yellow_green, light_steel_blue and so on.


Tanks is completely customizable and extensible. The default mode is a deathmatch, but you can always make it capture the flag or a team deathmatch or a points competition by tweaking the game logic. You can also customize any component of the game:


Open up the file assets/map.txt. Each . or # corresponds to how the map is laid out. Check out map.rb for other tiles for the map. You can also check settings.rb to see the other types of tiles.


The sprites used in the game can be changed too. The sprites in this game are from SpriteLib and placed in assets/spritesheet.png. The original is included as assets/tankbrigade.png. You can change the spritesheet, you just need to change the settings in the SpriteImage module. The assumption is that each sprite in the spritesheet is 32x32 pixels.


The sound files in the game can also be changed, and each action can also have a sound. The assets/bang.wav is the sound when the tanks fires a bullet, the assets/crash.wav is the sound when a bullet hits the tank and the assets/boom.wav is the sound when the tank is destroyed.