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SXSW Kinoma

A repository of greater awesomeness for Kinoma development in the days leading up to SXSW.


The main caveat: this is mainly on github as a public record of our work. It is unlikely to be maintained or supported in any way, although we might respond to a direct question, comment, or pull request. Caveat lector.

  • You will need a Kinoma Create, some sensors, and a bunch of wire to make the Kinoma projects useful. Parts lists, wiring diagrams, and detailed instructions don't exist; we might put these up at some point, but only if we find a chunk of time to do so.
  • This code is best thought of as mostly unpolished hackathon code. There's a lot of cruft, and what you see is likely not the best way to do things.
  • We've stripped our AWS keys, admin passwords, and any other secret tidbits that we could find. If for some reason you want to try and run pieces of this code, you will need to supply actual values. Note that not all of these values are in or any other single configuration file.
  • The hostname, AWS links for CSS/JS files, etc. are all hardcoded; if you want to host this elsewhere or make changes to the static assets, you will need to change those.


Kinoma Studio and Django code for a game built using the Kinoma Create, a JavaScript-based hardware prototyping platform.




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