Savara tools for Eclipse
Java Shell


This repository contains the Savara Tools for Eclipse.

Building the project

Checkout the savara-tools-eclipse master branch, e.g.

	git clone

and run the following command from the top level folder,

	mvn clean install

This will create an update site in the site/target/site (expanded) and site/target/ (compressed).


Setup an Eclipse JEE (Kepler) environment - download Eclipse from

Install "Integration and SOA Development" tools from the integration platform.

Perform the steps in the "Building the project" section, to initialise the plugins.

Import the plugins:

- select the "Import->Import..." menu item
- select "Maven->Maven Existing Projects" item from the dialog
- browse to select the 'plugins' folder within the savara-tools-eclipse repo
- follow any instructions presented to install Tycho plugins