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squabble comment server

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Squabble is a comment server built on Lumen, using a SQLite backend for storing comment data.

It is built for use on although you could easily adapt it for your own site, with a bit of time and server to spare.

Installation for local development

Copy docker-compose.local.example.yml to docker-compose.local.yml. Add overrides for any environment variables which you need to override by copying the defaults set in docker-compose.yml and changing them in your local configuration file.

Run make build to rebuild the container if you've made any changes to Dockerfile or the files in the docker directory.

Run make install

Local development

Run make up.

Edit your /etc/hosts and set Run curl to confirm that the server is working; if not, run docker-compose logs -f to see what error messages are appearing.


make test will run PHPUnit and Behat tests.



The following routes are defined:

  • api/comments - Returns an array of all comments stored on the server
  • api/comments/id/{id} - Get a comment by numeric ID
  • api/comments/post/{slug} - Get a comment by the URL of the post it's associated with
  • api/comments/count - Get an array of comment count per posts
  • api/comments/delete/{id}/{token} - Delete a comment by ID, using a unique token for that comment. The token is emailed out when the comment is saved.


The following route is defined:

  • api/comments/new - Save a new comment.

Example POST request:

curl -i -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -XPOST '' -d '{
    "name": "Some author",
    "email": "",
    "comment": "A comment would go here",
    "slug": "2015/04/27/durham-restaurant-time-machine.html",
    "nocaptcha": "owl"


Comment server built with Lumen, for use with static site generators (e.g. Jekyll)



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