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health bot for creating habits
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Habot is a coach for creating daily healthy habits through a conversational interface.

As you’re onboarded with Habot, you rate how well you’re doing in certain life areas. Habot then recommends a set of habits that would be best to work on. After committing to a habit, you track progress with Habot every day through delightful text message exchanges. You earn a new streak every 3 consecutive successful days and are encouraged to collect at least 7 streaks to create the new habit (21 days in total).

Habits included are built off of BJ Fogg's Tiny Habit principles ( - that is they are:

  • incredibly specific
  • can be done in 30 seconds or less

If you have examples of Tiny Habits you would like added to Habot, please email me!

Current features:


  • Mobile phone number + country.
  • Timezone.
  • Name.
  • Ratings for 'profile' (health categories: mind, sleep, relationships, performance, movement, nutrition).
  • Habit selection.
  • Time to be reminded.


  • 'Passwordless' sign up and sign in via a 6 digit randomly generated pin sent to verify mobile number.


  • Data visualization to track progress toward 3 day streaks and number of 3-day streaks (with encouragement to collect 7 x 3-day streaks or 21 days total).

Conversation features:

  • Daily reminders sent @ specified time in local time zone.
  • Success tracking via reply with '#yes'.
  • Pausing of habit tracking if inactive for > 7 days. Reactivation with 'unpause'
  • Small talk :)

API integrations:

  • Twilio
  • DialogFlow

Tech stack:

  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Alchemy
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Jinja
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Libraries utilized:

  • schedule
  • arrow
  • phonenumbers
  • pycountry
  • pytz
  • emoji
  • D3
  • TypeIt

Next Features:

  • testing framework that forces specific servertime to automate test user cases
  • handling all errors during sign up flow
  • fixes with the scheduling utility / thread
  • preparations for deployment to

Video of current local build:

Data model:

data model

Notes on cloning:

  1. You'll need a Twilio and DialogFlow account.
  2. At a minimum, your DialogFlow agent needs to be programmed to recognize '#yes' and 'unpause'.
  3. To process user responses, configure DialogFlow for fulfillment. I used ngrok to create a webook at '/'.
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