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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<project name="MyApp" default=".help">
The build-impl.xml file imported here contains the guts of the build process. It is
a great idea to read that file to understand how the process works, but it is best to
limit your changes to this file.
<import file="${basedir}/.sencha/app/build-impl.xml"/>
The following targets can be provided to inject logic before and/or after key steps
of the build process:
The "init-local" target is used to initialize properties that may be personalized
for the local machine.
<target name="-before-init-local"/>
<target name="-after-init-local"/>
The "clean" target is used to clean build output from the build.dir.
<target name="-before-clean"/>
<target name="-after-clean"/>
The general "init" target is used to initialize all other properties, including
those provided by Sencha Cmd.
<target name="-before-init"/>
<target name="-after-init"/>
The "page" target performs the call to Sencha Cmd to build the 'all-classes.js' file.
<target name="-before-page"/>
<target name="-after-page"/>
The "build" target performs the call to Sencha Cmd to build the application.
<target name="-before-build"/>
<target name="-after-build"/>
<target name="-after-build">
<!-- I will thrash what we don't need!-->
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/ext"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/ext-watermark"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/images"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/ext-senchacandy-lib"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/senchacandy-lib"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/font-pictos"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/font-awesome"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/modern/resources/font-ext"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/ext"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/ext-watermark"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/images"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/ext-senchacandy-lib"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/senchacandy-lib"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/font-pictos"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/font-awesome"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}/classic/resources/font-ext"/>
<format property="today" pattern="yyyy-MM-dd"/>
<!-- Example, of how to copy the build folder to a different destination-->
<copy todir="${destinationFolder}" overwrite="true">
<fileset dir="${build.dir}">
<include name="**/*" />