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Laravel Errors Handling

Laravel Errors Handling allow you to manage errors codes. Sometimes HTTP status aren't enought. With this package you can create your own status with a short description to share it with your team.


Install the package using composer

composer require saverty/errors_handling

Publish the configuration

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Saverty\ErrorsHandling\ErrorsHandlingServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Go to your app.php and add the provider


Add your codes

Go to errors_handling.php config file and follow the example. Your codes can be grouped by category. Each code needs a code, a name and a description

return [
    //Group your codes 
    "Authentifcation" => [
        //Detail your code
        "AUTH001" => [
            "name" => "Login Fail",
            "description" => "Email or password is wrong"

Use the package

use Saverty\ErrorsHandling\ErrorsHandling;

Add a code error

$errors = new ErrorsHandling();


Add multiple errors

$errors = new ErrorsHandling();

Group your errors

$errors = new ErrorsHandling();

$errors->add('AUTH001', 'email')->add('AUTH002','email');
$errors->add('AUTH003', 'name')->add('AUTH004','name');

Check if errors are presents

    // No errors

Return errors as an array


Return errors as a Json


Use the laravel validator

 $validator = Validator::make($request->all(),
            "email" => ['required', 'integer'],
            "password" => ['required', 'email']
            "email.integer" => "AUTH001"


Your documentation

You can see the all your codes at this url : {your_domain}/errorshandling

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