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Krang wraps around the excellent Raphaël library (a JavaScript vector drawing library using SVG/VML) and handles the ugly details of drawing charts. Supply a dataset, pick a chart type, and you're good to go.
+Krang differs from other drawing libraries in a few important ways:
+ * Unlike `canvas` solutions, Krang draws vectors. The individual regions
+ of an SVG/VML graph can respond to events in ways that `canvas` cannot.
+ Your charts can be interactive.
+ * Unlike Flash solutions, Krang draws charts that can be viewed on the
+ iPhone.
+ * Unlike [g.raphaël]( and
+ [ico](, Krang is built upon Prototype, and
+ therefore is architected in a way that will be familiar to users of the
+ library.
## Status
-Krang is under heavy, heavy development. It is nowhere near even _alpha_ status. Don't use it for anything yet. If you're eager to do so, help me make it more robust first.
+Krang is in late-alpha, early-beta stage. It has been used on a couple different public-facing web sites without issue. I don't yet consider it feature-complete, so if there's something you want it to do, please let me know.
## Documentation
-It does not exist. It might someday. Until then, look in `test/functional` for examples of different chart types.
+The beginnings of [PDoc]( documentation exist in the source files, and I've tried my best to add comments where the code itself is not self-explanatory. Also, look in `test/functional` for demonstrations of different chart types.
## License

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