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Embed-ready script for the SaveTheInternet blackout
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STI Blackout JS

Save the Internet with us

📌 What is this?

This is an Embed-ready script for the SaveTheInternet blackout.

What's the blackout all about?

In protest against Article 13 (uploadfilters) and Article 11 (link tax) of the currently much discussed copyright directive, we encourage you to display nothing but a blackout page on the 21st of March. Even the german wikipedia will display a blackout page!

🔧 How do I use it?

You can either use the versions inside the repository here and upload it your server, or use this snippet here and include it in the <head> section of your website:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" integrity="sha384-POfa3/ANDMAIdtz54sPKEAVJ9/fNkLChdCtTN3XWbUo6B4xDlLglE9mi3UulVy8P" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

or, if you wish, use the non-minified version:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" integrity="sha384-G11UJ2VrwjubfI4B22gCDhlTjFM7J4wz+lc8ihhQ1gsyHrPtlAoPBWkLUT9iVdHX" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Note: If you use wordpress, you can use our plugin:

In case you are wondering what the string thing on line 7 is:
Thats the uri encoded version of the blackout HTML script which gets injected into the fullscreen iFrame.

What is all of this really about?

For more information visit

❗️ Privacy

The blackout landingpage uses a few resources from our website
In detail: Two images and a stylesheet.

And a google font

All of them are transmitted over HTTPS only.

SaveTheInternet Privacy policies:
Google Fonts Terms:

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