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aberaud committed Jun 8, 2019
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.B dhtnode
- a simple OpenDHT command line node runner.
.B dhtnode [\fB\-h\fP]

.B dhtnode
[\fB-v\fP [\fB\-l\fP \fIlogfile\fP] [\fB\-L\fP]]
[\fB\-i\fP [\fB\-\-save\-identity\fP \fIfile\fP]]
[\fB\-d\fP] [\fB\-s\fP]
[\fB\-n\fP \fInetwork_id\fP]
[\fB\-p\fP \fIlocal_port\fP]
[\fB\-b\fP \fIbootstrap_host\fP[:\fIport\fP]]
[\fB\-\-certificate\fP \fIfile\fP]
[\fB\-\-privkey\fP \fIfile\fP]
[\fB\-\-privkey\-password\fP \fIpassword\fP]
[\fB\-\-proxyserver\fP \fIport\fP]
[\fB\-\-proxyclient\fP \fIserver\fP]
[\fB\-v\fR [\fB\-l\fR \fIlogfile\fR] [\fB\-L\fR]]
[\fB\-i\fR [\fB\-\-save\-identity\fR \fIfile\fR]]
[\fB\-d\fR] [\fB\-s\fR]
[\fB\-n\fR \fInetwork_id\fR]
[\fB\-p\fR \fIlocal_port\fR]
[\fB\-b\fR \fIbootstrap_host\fR[:\fIport\fR]]
[\fB\-\-certificate\fR \fIfile\fR]
[\fB\-\-privkey\fR \fIfile\fR]
[\fB\-\-privkey\-password\fR \fIpassword\fR]
[\fB\-\-proxyserver\fR \fIport\fR]
[\fB\-\-proxyclient\fR \fIserver\fR]
Runs an OpenDHT node, with a CLI (default) or as a daemon (with \fB'-d'\fP or \fB'-s'\fP).
Commands available in the interactive shell are:

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