Uses Yocto to build an image which runs quick-phone on the TS-TPC-7990
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quick-phone for TS-TCP-7990

This is a collection of scripts to build an image for the TS-TCP-7990 which runs the quick-phone on boot.

This is done in Docker/CQFD environment using Yocto.

Build Instructions

Just run make

Note that this will take a while the first time. It will first create a docker container for the Yocto build and then run the Yocto scripts.


  1. Docker software installed and running
  2. $USER belongs to the docker group (see for ex.)
  3. Lots of patience to build Yocto


Currently the image is configured to get a dynamic address via dhcp, you will need to modify this if you wish to use a static address.

See the quick-phone repo readme to find out how to configure your SIP account and populate your contacts.


  • Move meta-quickphone layer and recipes to meta-sfl to separate build scripts from yocto recipes
  • Improve alsa config so that it works well by default
  • Remove X11, we can run the app in just the framebuffer
  • Replace X11 launch script with systemd script